Clickmeeting Review: All You Know before Buy

Welcome to WebinarDude and today I will share my experience of using Clickmeeting. In this Review, I will discuss all about the details of this webinar software.

Clickmeeting is one of the most renowned webinar software platform which is a sister concern of GetResponse. By using this browser based web application, you can do web conferencing, make a successful online meeting and invite thousands of people to watch you live. This kind of software industry is growing faster. Webinar is become a new weapon of marketers to reach targeted audiences and marketing effectively through online.

This is not only a review but also a content where you will find all details information about this platform. Just before go through in this article, lets have a look a quick overview.

Quick overview

What is Clickmeeting & About the Company?

Clickmeeting is a web application and by use this software, you can make a video conference and large online event. A webinar is basically an online event where a speaker or a small group of presenters deliver a video presentation.

Clickmeeting was basically found on 2011 by Getresponse. You know Getreponse is one of the most popular email marketing platform. This Polish email marketing company is very common name to the marketers. Simon Grabowski is the CEO & founder of this successful company.

Within 5 year, the demand of their webinar software become increased and that’s why in 2016, the CEO & Founder of Getreponse Simon Grabowski has separated this company. Now, Clickmeeting is one of the big fish of this industry.

Clickmeeting is a browser-based webinar software platform. Around 150k companies or individuals from 111 countries are using there service. During Covid19 pandemic, the demand of their service was increase 200% per month. Though Getresponse is huge popular in USA but so far Clickmeeting is fighting in this point. Currently 45% of their users are from their motherland Poland. They are huge popular in Russia, Germany, Ukraine and France as well.

Clickmeeting Pricing & Plan

They are offering 7 days free trial and you don’t need any credit card for this purpose. But they don’t have any full time free membership with limited access which is actually offering by couple of companies like Zoom, ezTalks etc. But the packages, they are offering for free membership that very minium and you can handle a very small meeting. You can do the similar job by using Google hangout or Skype. But when it comes to make a professional Webinar, then you must have to go for paid versions.

25 $30/m $45
50 $45/m $55
100 $79/m $95
200 $149/m $179
500 $179/m $229
1000 $309/m $359

They have no separate package only for meeting or web conferencing. But the price start from low and this is good. They are offering 20% discount for annual packages.

25 $25/m $40/m
50 $35/m $45/m
100 $60/m $75/m
200 $119/m $145/m
500 $139/m $179/m
1000 $239/m $279/m

7 Days Free Trial

Clickmeeting is separated their packages by only Live webinar and Automated Webinar where you can go for live event as well. Live webinar is effective those who wants to make a live session in front of their audiences. And an automated webinar is basically a pre-recorded document and you can play that file during the event. It will also look like a live event. The professionals should go for the automated package and it will make the task easy.

However, I am highly appreciate their packaging tools. An user can choose his package according to his demand and this is one of the very unique concept. It will save your money. Overall price comparing other platforms is average, not so high.

Good thing is, they are offering unlimited live webinar and meeting in their all plans. Actually, all other companies are also offering the same facility.

They are offering up to 3 presenters in their regular packages. This is almost enough but it could be little bit more. I’m not satisfied with their recording and file storage capacity, it should be unlimited.

They are offering additional addons for extra presenters, storage, attendees, white label, custom branding etc.

Features & How do I use Clickmeeting?

Clickmeeting is offering almost all necessary features in their software. For the purpose of meeting or large webinar, you will find all necessary tools you need to manage a successful online event. But as far I have observed, comparing few other platforms, they have lack of customization facility. Yes, Clickmeeting have option for drag and drop customization for email template, though this is not much more mobile phone friendly. You can also use your company logo and change the background of the waiting room and registration page but there is no page builder so far. I will encourage clickmeeting to make more useful page builder and offer HTML, CSS customization facility. Lets see all the features one by one.

Paid Webinars

Paid Webinar Clickmeeting

Make money online by webinar is becoming a trend. If you have skill and easily manage your online training programs with this softwares, so why you will go for Udemy or any other education marketplace to sell your course? Clickmeeting is offering easy integration with Paypal and that’s why you can fix a price of your course and get paid from your attendees via Visa, Mastercard, discover, American Express, Paypal etc. All this payment will be processed via Paypal and that’s why all your money will safe. You will find paid events statistics inside Clickmeeting as well. You can’t integrate other payment getway like 2Checkout, Stripe etc so far.

Automated webinar

Automated Webinar

Live webinar is exciting but sometimes it’s too difficult to make live event again and again. Specially for the purpose of same program or online course, automated webinar is more useful. Don’t need to go live again and again. You can simply make a quality video and upload that file in clickmeeting storage to run the event again and again. It’s hassle free. Clickmeeting drag and drop content lineup system is very nice and easy to use. It is work just like a video editing tool.


You can create subaccount for your team member or helping hand. He can run and schedule your webinar in your absence in the same platform. Every subaccounts have different credential and that’s why no one can access another data. But you have control on all subaccounts. For every subaccount purchase, Clickmeeting is offering different storage.


Multi-user is just another cost saving option for you instead of buying multi-account. You can give access to your multiple team members into the same Clickmeeting account. Selected team members can access that particular account by use all others documents as and reuse it for the purpose. Billing and invoice will be under your control.

Custom Branding

Custom design is important for every brand. So, you can perfectly place your brand logo in waiting room, registration & login page, webinar room etc. There is also have an option to select multiple background but the option is limited. It can be better, if they have offer HTML, CSS customization. Then it can be more professional and useful for entrepreneurs.


There is a limitation in email template as well. You can select one for you between only two options. You can’t use drag and drop tool to personalize your email template. But you can easily customize other pages and that is too much easy.

Call-to-action button

Call to action is basically a notification bar where you can place a link in a button and call you audiences to download, purchase or check necessary document buy visting that external link.

Address book

Email marketing or Webinar marketing, target is almost same. Suscriber or presenters list is the asset of this marketing strategy. As much targeted customer, as much business. Clickmeeting has a very fantastic contact list maker. You can create a group wise list to invite contacts and send follow-up mail etc.

Customized invitations

Customized Inviation

Though there is a limitation to customize email template more and more but the good thing is, they are offering cutomized invitations. This is really a niche feature specially for inviting other presenters as a guest. You can also change the color scheme according to your brand.

Professional live stream on Facebook & Youtube

Facebook and Youtube have no more option to direct attain multiple presenters or host in the same live program. And that’s why, this 3rd party tools are highly useful to make a very professional and high quality live program in social media. Clickmeeting is also offering all necessary features to make a successful live streaming.


I’m highly glad to see the performance of the presentation mood at Clickmeeting. You can easily upload word, pdf, power point, excel sheet etc here and smoothly display or explain explain to your audiences. Work faster and no hassle.


For any kind of training, whiteboard and marker pen is basic equipment for a trainer. Sometimes all kind of document also can make sense and in that particular time, you may need to a board to sketch manually.  Clickmeeting is giving you a virtual board and pen as well to make your online event more efficient.

Audio mood

Sometimes, this is not necessary to show the presenters into the video. In that time, you can change the mood and continue your training session with audio mood.


Screencast is actually the most essential equipment to make a qualitative online event. Even, only this feature is capable make successful event because when you are getting the facility to screencast, so you have lot of option to access direct from your PC.

Polls & Surveys

This feature is important to get the feedback from your audiences. This polls and survey data is help you in the future programs.

Simultaneous chat translation

Clickmeeting is continuously working to develop their features more and more. Simultaneous chat translation is just another up to date feature development by them. Google translator will work automatically and the chats will directly translated according to your choice among 52 languages.

Moderated Q&A and Private Chat

To handle lot of audience in the same time is little bit challenging for sometime. Here you have option to moderate question and answers and allow attendees to join in chat. A host can approve, delete and ban users as well. Private chat is another exclusive feature of this platform. So, you can pick the right attendees in your event to here anything from him. A host can also allow him to come in online and share his opinion. In that case, you have to unblock that person camera and voice.

Toll-free Numbers

You can buy expected toll free minute to invite audiences to call in a toll free number for free during the webinar. They are offering toll free numbers from multiple countries.

Mobile application

This is not mandatory for an user to download Clickmeeting mobile app to host or attain in a webinar but still they have application for Android and iOS. For better use experience from mobile or tablet, they are working continuously. Though the Google play rating (3 out of 5) isn’t so good so far.

On demand webinar

Your live program will be saved, can re-use that content and invite your audiences to watch your video after the end of the session. This is basically an on-demand webinar. This is important for a professional to check this option before buy a webinar pack.

Webinar Statistics

Webinar Statistics

All necessary data like Webinar summary, attendee statistics, survey summeries, performance rating etc all will be generate automatically. Data is power and it will help a lot to optimize or develop the webinar for future action.

All above features was basically the key and the most important part of this web application. It have more facilities as well. You can integrate Clickmeeting with lot of 3rd party sites like Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, Facebook Pixel etc.

Do you know, you can also provide participation certificate to your audiences by using Clickmeeting.

Customer Support

Customer support is important for every product you will use. User friendly and fast customer support is always appriciated. I’m not much more satisifed with the AI or bot customer support. This is also valueless to me. I didn’t find any direct human being to support me on chat. Send email and wait for the feedback for a long time isn’t so encouring in this days because the market is becoming more competitive and every one is working for best support to their customer.

Clickmeeting Pros and Cons

This is the basically the most important and crucial part of this review. But I will suggest you to read the whole content to read as well.


+ Work faster

+ Easy to use

+ Fantastic and simple design of the interface

+ Android & iOS application is available

+ Chat translator & private chatting option

+ Toll free phone number

+ Better sound quality

+ Useful drag and drop page builder


– Minium number of Email template

– Email template is not so responsive and mobile phone friendly

– No HTML, CSS customization facility

– Recording space & storage should be more where as Clickmeeting is offering additional charge for addons.

These are the advantage and disadvantage of Clickmeeting. Hopefully, it will help to take your decision.

Start 7 Days Free Trial

Clickmeeting Rating

User rating and review from the expert, both are important to understand the feedback of a product or service.

User Rating

  • Google Play – 3.2/5
  • App Store – 4.8/5
  • Capterra – 4/5
  • G2 – 3.8/5
  • Trustradius – 5.7/10
  • Turstpilot – 3.3/5
  • Financesonline Reviews – 8.5/10
  • Getapp – 4.03/5
  • Getvoip – 4.4/5

Expert Rating

  • PCMag – 4.5/5
  • Techradar – 5/5
  • UCToday – 4.2/5
  • Bloggerspassion – 5/5

WebinarDude Rating

  • Our Rating: 4.3/5

This webinar app, specially get poor mark by the users at Google play and TrustPilot. Other platform ratings are on average. Bug on their android app and customer support by Artificial Intelligence (A.I) can be the reason of poor review by the customers at Google play. On the other hand, they are offering only 7 days free trial, that’s why peoples may download this app for the purpose of free service and just when they are frustrated, then they may put lower rating to this app.

Clickmeeting Alternatives

Lot of competitors are available in the market. Webinardude is here to guide you to find the best webinar software comparing all others. Actually Zoom, BlueJeans & GotoWebinar is the market leader of this industry by popularity but this is not our target to introduce you the only popular products where as we want to mention effective and value for money services as well. So, let us introduce you few more best alternatives of Clickmeeting.

  1. WebinarJam

Webinarjam is offering 14 days free trial at $1. Try free trial is always exciting. Reason we are specially recommend WebinarJam, because their service is very professional. Specially recommended for serious marketers. They are offering up to 6 presenters and 5000 attendees at $999/year only. That means only $83.25 per month. According to our comparison, WebinarJam is offering the cheapest package in the market. But they don’t have monthly billing system.

All necessary features and custom branding made WebinarJam special. But they are offering only Live Webinar in this platform. If you will need automated and on demand webinar, you have to go for their another service, which is EverWebinar.

2. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is just another high quality product of this industry. Though people know about Adobe Connect is little bit and the Adobe team isn’t much more concentrated on marketing their product but because of the quality, huge number of worldwide audiences are using this platform to run professional webinar. Though the pricing is little bit high.

3. Zoom

It seems web conferencing softwares another synonym is Zoom. Though the revenue of Zoom in 2019 was $623 million only but during Covid19 pandemic, this company is just boom. Zoom’s market capitalization have skyrocketed to $48.8 billion on 15 May, 2020. Only the just the name, Zoom is also one of the best quality software of this niche. But the marketer leaders are usally little bit expensive and different. They are offering cost by host packing system which is not preferable for webinar. For the purpose of small team web conferencing or online meeting, Zoom is one of the good choice but the price is too high for webinar.

Lot of people search in the internet about the competition of Zoom and Clickmeeting. That’s why we will try to give an answer according to our opinion.

Zoom Vs Clickmeeting

Zoom is definitely the most renowned platform comparing Clickmeeting. But Clickmeeting is smarter according to our testing. Zoom is specially good for web conferencing and online meeting where as Clickmeeting is good for both purpose including large event. Webinar packaging of Zoom is little weird and not so friendly for the marketers. Zoom is offering free membership with limited access where as Clickmeeting has only 7 days free trial.

Depend on your purpose, you should choice any of them.

Should you buy Clickmeeting?

Think first that what is your purpose to subscribe in this software. If you are looking for small team web conferencing or online meeting, then Clickmeeting is also a good choice. But when it comes to professional marketing through webinar then I will suggest you to compare the packages with WebinarJam.

Visit WebinarJam

During Covid19 pandemic, the maket share of this software industry was increased a lot. As like all other platforms, Clickmeeting market worth is also boosted a lot. Though Getresponse is the mother company but within a short time, this sister concern company of them can be more popular. Total number of user of Clickmeeting is increase by 200% – 300% in every month.

Every webinar software have some positive and negative points. Before you buy, should compare each other specially features and pricing. You may find some limitation in every where but if that product won’t make any hamper to your work then it should be considerable.

In this review, I have tried to share all my experience and necessary information about Clickmeeting. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you.

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