Best and All Necessary Accessories for Webinar

The meeting or conference that takes place through internet in real time is known as the Webinar. In one of our previous articles, I’ve already mentioned that, the word derived from the combination of “Web” as well as “Seminar”. However, to hold a webinar, the host need some set of equipments which are mandatory. The list includes: microphone, lighting kit, headset (headphone and microphone), Webcams etc. In this article we will discuss about the best 3 for each of those equipments.

Best Microphones for Webinar

Microphone or simply the mic is one of the most crucial element for a webinar. If you are to host a webinar, you have to talk lot and you will like to be clear and gentle to your listeners. When you won’t sound good, the audience will not enjoy you at all, which will distract them from your event. If the mic is not good enough and picks up unnecessary sounds, then the audience will not be able to understand clearly what you are meaning and indicating, which will certainly hamper your objective. Thus you must purchase a good quality mic to make your webinar a successful one.



This superb piece of microphone has gained enormous popularity due to it’s attractive look along with extra ordinary performance. The included detachable popfilter within it, helps eliminating the plosives of the speech. You may consider the popfilter arm and desk tripod a bit fragile but I can assure you that they are solid enough and will serve you properly for sure. Take a look at the key characteristics of this mic:

  • Every sound which are heard are caught perfectly by this device within the caridiodid area.
  • It has outstanding audio receiving capacity.
  • The users enjoy crystal clear audio from it.
  • Cross platform compatibility makes helping versatile audio recording solution.
  • Compatible with any PC or Mac.
  • The users don’t have to hear the white noises, which is a genuine problem in most of the devices.
  • The device is packed as a whole within one package, thus easy to set up and use.
  • Stereo hf jack assists in zero latency monitoring .
  • 20 feet or 6 meter USB cable, desk stand, ring mount, pop shield and storage pouch are included with it.
  • The company also offers you 2 years’ warranty.

Negative Sides:

  • Price is as high as 169 US Dollars which may exceed your budget.
  • Diverse recording mode is unavailable which is avaliable at Yeti’s microphones.


Microphone Type: Condenser

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Mono / Stereo: Mono

Frequency Response: 20 Hertz to 20 kilo Hertz

Acoustic Principle: Pressure Gradient

Max SPL: 110 dB

Diaphragm Size: 0.5 inch (12.7mm)

Weight: 1.15 Pounds

Resolution: 16-bit

Connector: USB

Color: Black

Manufacturer Part Number: NTUSB

Included Accessories: 6 meter (20 feet) USB Cable, Stand Mount, Pop Shield, Tripod, Protective Zip Case.

Rode NT USB Price at Amazon

Shure SM7B

Shure SM7b

According to the quality, this mic is one of the bests if not the bestest for the webinars. It has got tremendous popularity among the users due to it’s capability of fulfilling almost every demand. The device is highly used for the professional approaches. Lets check out the key characteristics of the Shure SM7B:

  • The manufacturer company made it well protected from any kind of interference.
  • It provides clean and crisp performance.
  • Completely free from any mechanical noises.
  • Podcasters highly use this device as it has specialty in Podcasting.
  • Well suitable for the vocal as well as the instrumental recordings.


Type: Dynamic (moving coil)

Output Impedance: 150 Ohm

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Frequency Response: 50 Hertz to 20 Kilo Hertz

Sensitivity: (@ 1 kilo Hertz, open circuit voltage); -59 dBV per Pascal [1] (1.12 mV)

Hum Pickup: (typical, at 60 Hertz, equivalent SPL / mOe) 11 dB

Net Weight: 0.764 KG (1.69 Pounds)

Housing: Steel case with dark gray enamel aluminum and dark gray foam windscreen

5/8 inch to 3/8 inch Thread Adapter: 31A1856

Switch Cover Plate for SM7B: RPM602

Large Black Foam Windscreen for SM7B: A7WS

Shure SM7b Price at Amazon

Audio-Technica ATR2500

Audio-Technica ATR2100

If you are planning to host a web conferencing then this one is certainly be a top choice for you. It performs genuinely good and will satisfy the users for sure. This device also can make the speech distinctive. The key features of this microphone are mentioned below:

  • Users can connect it to PC with a USB cable.
  • Because of the headphone jack, it provides easier output control.
  • Adjusting the volume is much easier as the control button is at the front side of the mic which near by to your hands.
  • Ensures top class work ability while recording.
  • It works uninterruptedly and correctly even with the noisy surroundings.
  • Also a good AD Converter.
  • This mic is highly recommended for Podcasting, field recording, voice studio recording, voiceover use.
  • Because of the Low mass diaphragm, it delivers superb frequency response.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • The cardioid polar pattern helps decreasing unwanted noises or sounds from the ner by.
  • It’s also a superb piece of device due to the low self noise.
  • Durable metal construction confirms that it’s durable and lasts longer.
  • Tripod desk stand helps users enjoying table top use.


Element: Condenser

Frequency Response: 30 Hertz to 15 Kilo Hertz

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Bit Depth: 16 bit

Weight: 366 g (12.9 oz)

Power Requirements: USB Power (5V DC)

Sample Rate: 44.1 kilo Hertz / 48 kilo Hertz

Dimensions: 155.0 mm (6.10 inch) long, 50.0 mm (1.97 inch) maximum body diameter

Volume Control: Headphone volume controlled by up/down buttons

Headphone Output Power: 10 mega Watt at 16 ohms

Headphone Jack: 3.5 millimeter TRS (stereo)

Output Connector: USB type

Accessories Furnished: Pivoting stand mount for 5/8 inch – 27 threaded stands; tripod desk stand, 1.8 meter (5.9 feet): mini USB cable

Audio-Technica ATR2100 Price at Amazon

Best Lighting Kits for Webinars

Another vital equipment for a successful webinar is the lighting kits. This item helps your viewers having a better look to what you are showing. In absence of a proper lighting kit, the video will certainly lose the clarity even if the camera is a good and expensive one. Thus you need to be sure, which kit you are going to choose for your videos. Here we will help you having some important information and proper idea about the top 3 lighting kits in the market at this moment.

GVM Studio RGB

GVM Studio RGB

This lighting kit is very much popular among the users and is such a versatile as well as a flexible device. It has the ability of adjusting the value of color along the visible spectrum. Users can run it through AC power and battery. Apart from this, it is controllable via using the smartphone as well. The key characteristics of the GVM Studio RGB are:

  • The set consists of 3 RGB Panels of 800D with Barndoors; 3 Light stands, each of them are as tall as 7 feet; 3 soft diffusers as well as 3 AC adapters.
  • It will provide you Power and color options.
  • Accordance to the performance, it is very much cheap and within your budget.
  • App Intelligent Control System helps the users enjoying easier control even with their smartphone.
  • The users will also enjoy master and slave control mode. You can set one of the 3 lights in master mode and the other two lights will be in the slave mode.
  • It also provide 360 Degree Rotating U Bracket, LCD Digital System, Stability System and Multiple control modes.
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy casing helps it dissipating the heat effectively.
  • The company also gives one year warranty service to the customers.


Color Temperature: 3200 Kelvin to 5600 Kelvin

Dimming: 0 to 100%

Beam Angle: 120 Degree

Color Accuracy Standard: CRI 97

Display: LCD

Cooling System: Passive

Fixture Dimensions: Length 10.6 inch (269 millimeter), Width 10.3 inch (262 millimeter), Height 1.6 inch (41 millimeter)

Lamp Life (Expected): 100 Thousand Hours

Number of LEDs: 252

Fixture Weight: 585 gram or 1.28 pound

Battery Plate: 2 Sony L-Series (NP-F) (Connector)

Fixture Mount: 5/8 inch Receiver (Mounting)

Yoke Type: Yoke / Bracket

Remote Control Type: Proprietary Wireless

Power Source: AC Adapter, External Battery

Maximum Power Consumption: 40 Watt

DC Input Power: 15 VDC

Package Weight: 22.115 pound

Packaging Box Dimensions: Length 24.4 inch, Height 8.6 inch, Width 13 inch

GVM Studio RGB Price at Amazon

Godox S30 Three Pack

Godox S30 Three Pack

This one has to be among the top 3 lighting kits in market at this moment. However, many of the users belief that this is the best among all. The set is made up of 3 high powered LEDs. It features higher intensity lights, consistent beam spread as well as well maintained beam angle. Diverse power options along with large number of accessories makes it a top choice item. We highly believe this one will help you meet your demands. Have a look at the key characteristics of the Godox S30 Three Pack:

  • Consistent beam spread is confirmed thanks to the usage of edge to edge aspheric optics for the output.
  • Users will get well maintained beam angle which can be set from 6 to 55 degrees.
  • The kit provides diverse intensity of the light as it is dimmable from 10 percent to 100 percent.
  • You can run it through a AC adapter included in it or the USB cable with a power bank. However, it also runs on batteries of NP-F type.
  • The package includes accessories like gel filter sets, barndoors, soft boxes, projection attachment, gobo set etc.
  • Softboxes will be with the grids and the barndoors will help in shaping.


Color Temperature: 5600 Kelvin ± 150 Kelvin

Dimming: 10 to 100%

Beam Angle: 6 to 55 Degree

Color Accuracy Standard: TLCI 96, CRI 96

Fixture Dimensions: Length 8.5 inch (215 millimeter), Width 4.3 inch (108 millimeter), Height 3.9 inch (100 millimeter)

Fixture Weight: 907 Gram, 2.00 pound

Cooling System: Passive

Battery Plate: 1 Sony L-Series (NP-F) (Connector)

Fixture Mount: 5/8 inch Receiver (Mounting)

Yoke Type: Yoke / Bracket

Power Source: AC Adapter, External Battery, Integrated Battery

Maximum Power Consumption: 30 Watt

DC Input Power: 15 VDC at 4 Ampere

Cable Length: 1.83 meter or 6 feet

Operating Temp: 50 to 122° Fahrenheit / 10 to 50° Celsius

Packaging Box Dimensions: Length 12 inch, Height 4.7 inch, Width 8 inch

Package Weight: 5.81 pound

Godox S30 Three Pack Price at Amazon

Aputure H672

Amaran HR672C Bi-Color LED Flood Light is the most powerful and the top quality lighting kit manufactured by Aputure. It consists of two W-series panel along with a single S-series panel. Beam angle and brightness options are available for the users. This kit is very much known for it’s durability although it’s a bit thinner, Users can maintain it with a convenient remote control. The key characteristics of this lighting kit are:

  • The device has a Color Rendering Index of 95+ and provides pure as well as accurate light.
  • Color temperature varies within 3200 Kelvin to 5500 Kelvin and assists matching ambient light scenarios.
  • Incredible output is ensured as it ejects 4636.8 lumens of light similar to a 400 watt incandescent light.
  • Despite being stunningly thin as 1.26 inch, it is seriously durable and lasts longer.
  • It will provide you long wireless range of 3.28 feet.
  • The device runs both on AC adapter as well as Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Output of the light gets softened thanks to the white diffusing filters.
  • The light intensity is seriously variable as the device is dimmable from 0 to 100 percent.


Color Temperature: 3200 Kelvin to 5500 Kelvin

Dimming: 0 to 100%

Beam Angle: 75 Degree

Color Accuracy Standard: Color Rendering Index 95

Display: None

Number of LEDs: 672

Cooling System: Passive

Fixture Dimensions: Length 9.4 inch (238 millimeter), Width 7.5 inch (190 millimeter), Height 1.3 inch (32 millimeter)

Lamp Life (Expected): 100 Thousand Hours

Fixture Mount: 1/4inch 20 Female (Mounting)

Accessory Mount: N/A

Battery Plate: 2 Sony L-Series (NP-F) (Connector)

AC Input Power: 50 / 60 Hertz, 120 to 240 VAC

Power Source: AC Adapter, External Battery

Remote Control Type: Proprietary Wireless

DC Input Power: 15 VDC at 4 Ampire

Wireless Channels or Groups: 3 / 4

Maximum Power Consumption: 45 Watt

Wireless Range: 1 meter or 3.28 feet

Package Weight: 5.65 pound

Packaging Box Dimensions: Length 10.8 inch, Height 4.5 inch, Width 8.8 inch

Aputure H672 Price at Amazon

Best Headsets for Webinars

Now we will discuss about another much needed equipment for the webinars, the headsets. This device will help you listening to the responders. If you don’t have a proper piece of headset you neither can listen perfectly nor can give full concentration to your work. It may just distract you, which will definitely decrease the quality of your work. However, the headsets also include a mic, thus it helps you talking as well. So you must purchase a good quality headset to confirm that you are working on the professional level. Here we will mention the 3 best headsets currently in the market for the webinars.

Plantronics Savi 8200 Office and UC Series

Plantronics Savi 8200 Office and UC Series Price

Simply the best Bluetooth headset in the market. This device is definitely wireless and provides good quality sound. Apart from the top performing headphone, the microphone is also a masterpiece. Lets discuss the key characteristics of this device:

  • It delivers dynamic stereo sound.
  • It is wireless and can be connected to multiple device.
  • The mic has the capability of eliminating the noises which ensures quality sound.
  • Unwanted near by sounds are decreased and the caller voice is isolated from the other surrounding sounds.
  • Users can transfer voice between headphone and mobile with a simple touch of the button.
  • Delivers 13 hours of talktime which is definitely a lengthy period.
  • Users can adjust or even mute the volume with a single touch. So the volume maintenance is definitely easy.
  • Felxible microphone boom helps you adjusting it in the proper place.
  • The ringer and volume maintenance options has been placed in the base.


Manufacturer: Plantronics

Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 118 dB

Impedance: 32 Ohm

Frequency Range: 100–6800 Hertz (Wideband), 20 Hertz – 20 Kilo Hertz (Multimedia)

Standby Time: Up to 50 hours

Talk Time: Up to 13 Hours

Product Weight: 1.75 Pounds

Product Dimensions: 2 inches x 4 inches x 8 inches

Item Display Height: 5 Inch

Roaming Range: 180 Feet / 55 Meter (Typical office environment), 590 Feet / 180 Meter (Line of sight)

Battery Capacity: 490 mAh (Savi 8210), 700 mAh (Savi 8220), 140 mAh (Savi 8240 and Savi 8245)

Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery (Rechargable, Replacable)

Wireless Technology: DECT 6.0 (UC Series) and Bluetooth v4.2 (Office Series)

Charge Time for Battery: 3 Hours

Size of Speaker: 32 Millimeter

Special Characteristics: Noise Isolation

Plantronics Savi 8200 Office and UC Series Price at Amazon

Sennheiser PC 8 USB Headset

Another terrific headset that will satisfy you with the performance and is a master of cutting out unwanted sounds or noises. The mention worthy key characteristics of this device are:

  • Such a versatile headset which can be used for gaming, talking, webinar etc.
  • Users enjoy dynamic stereo sound.
  • The mic is capable of eliminating extra unwanted sounds.
  • The proper performance of the mic, helps the speaker being clear and gentle even if he is not loud.
  • The device is easily playable thanks to the USB plug along with it.
  • Volume maintenance system is also very much easy as they are just near the hands of the users.
  • The device is compatible with Mac and PC.
  • It is easy to carry because of it’s light weight.
  • Users also get 2 years warranty service, offered by the company.
  • However, it’s only available in black color.


Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 95 dB

Frequency response (Microphone): 90 Hertz – 15 Kilo Hertz

Frequency response (Headphones): 42 Hertz – 17 Kilo Hertz

Impedance (Microphone): 2 kilo Ohm

Impedance (Headphones): 32 Ohm

Transducer principle (headphones): Closed, Dynamic

Sensitivity as per 121 TR 9-5: – 40 dBV

Suitable For: VoIP and Multimedia

Pick-up pattern: Uni-directional

Connectors: USB Sound Card

Wearing Pattern: Two Sided Headband

Call Controlling: Nope

Microphone Type: Noise Deleting

Volume Adjustment: Available

Boom Arm: Rigid

Microphone Mute: Available

Product Weight: 84 Grams or 2.96 Ounces

Product Dimensions: 8.3 inch x 2.5 inch x 9.6 inch

Sennheiser PC 8 USB Headset Price at Amazon

Mpow 071 USB Headset

Another highly rated, well performing, versatile headset which will please the customer with various attribute. However, despite being such a top quality device, it is incredibly budget friendly. So many of the users are going with this one. Check out the key characteristics of this item:

  • Filters out unnecessary sounds and provides top quality sound.
  • The set has got a good piece of mic which works pretty well and makes the speaker loud and clear.
  • It can be used for versatile activities like webinar, conference calls, online teaching and courses etc.
  • Digital USB connection helps plugging in fast.
  • 3.5 mm jack audio cable provides extra connection options to mobile and tablets.
  • Also provides easy volume adjusting options.
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, Android as well as Tablet.
  • You can set it up quite easily.
  • Users enjoy flexibility thanks to the detachable cable.
  • Available in black, blue, white and silver.


Manufacturer: Mpow

Impedance (Microphone): 2. 2 Kilo Ohm

Impedance (Loudspeaker): 16 Ohm

Frequency Response: 20 Hertz to 20 Kilo Hertz

Loudspeaker Diameter: 40 Millimeter

Sensitiveness (Microphone): -46 dB +/-3dB

Sensitiveness (Loudspeaker): 103dB +/-3dB

Headband: Padded and Adjustable

Microphone: Omni directional

Sound: Stereo

Control: In-line control

Cable Length: 7.9 feet or 2.4 meter

Boom Mic: Adjustable

Rated power: 10 mega Watt

Maximum power: 20 mega Watt

SNR: ≥ 50db

Plug: USB plug and 3.5 millimeter audio plug

Product Weight: 5 Ounces

Product Dimensions: 2.17 inches x 8.15 inches x 6.97 inches

Mpow 071 USB Headset Price at Amazon

Best Webcams for Webinars

Another crucial equipment for the webinars. You can’t make a webinar without a camera. Simply, you can do it with the laptop camera. But if you are to make a quality video, then you must use a webcam. This device will help increasing the quality of the video and also make things clear and noticeable to the viewers. We will discuss about the top 3 webcams in the market below.

Logitech Brio

This one will be a premium choice for the most of the webinars. Although it’s a bit expensive at 199 US Dollars but this camera will provide some unique advantages. The key characteristics are:

  • Delivers unparalleled picture quality.
  • It produces very high quality video.
  • 5x digital zoom ensures higher resolution.
  • However, while in transition, it may glitch which means the autofocus speed is an issue.
  • As I have mentioned earlier, this camera is a bit expensive.

Logitech Brio Price at Amazon

Logitech StreamCam

Another top qulaity webcam manufactured by Logitech. It costs 30 USD lesser than the previously mentioned one. The key characteristics are mentioned below:

  • The manufacturer redesigned it to offer a completely new webcam action.
  • The camera won’t chaos your office thanks to it’s square shape.
  • With a 90 degree twist, it can switch from portrait to landscape.
  • At refocusing, it’s fast like the light.
  • Fantastic driver software provides additional functionality.
  • Provides top quality picture.
  • Despite not capturing large amount of space in the hard disk, it delivers superb quality video.
  • Features built in USB-C connectivity.
  • The device is also pretty much easy to use.
Logitech StreamCam Price at Amazon

Razer Kiyo

A budget friendly good quality webcam which will cost you less than a hundred US Dollars (99 USD). The key characteristics of this camera are:

  • Integrated ring light makes it different from the other webcams.
  • Even in a dark room, the sleek halo light helps brightening the face of the host.
  • Features built in saturation boost.
  • The device can blow out specific colors despite having the ability of adding great level of added vivid detail.
  • The camera has fast acting auto focus.
  • It also has incredible sharpness.
  • Despite being such a good quality one, it is very much cheap.

Razer Kiyo Price at Amazon

We have tried to highlight the best of the needed accessories for the webinars. Hope you have got some valuable ideas by reading this article. However, all these items are available at Amazon.

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