For web conferencing, online meeting and live training, Webinar Software platforms are the best solution to work from home and set up a virtual communication system.

This is a very essential software for every entrepreneur and worker. During Covid19 pandemic, the demand of this application suddenly boom in internet industry and it the market demand growth was just like the graph of corona patience worldwide. Expected market size by 2023 was 800 million but the worldwide scenario is simply boost this industry a lot. By 2020, this industry can be reach billion dollar milestone.

Welcome to WebinarDude. Lets find all webinar software with necessary review, comparison, news update and so.



Clickmeeting is powered by GetResponse which was established in the year 2011. In the year 2016, this company is separated.

“We help you stay connected” – Smart tagline and an webinar software is actually do that.

ClickMeeting is a very neat and clean highly user-friendly software. They are made this application easier for the users. Smart design, lot of options and quick response made this software an exclusive product of this industry.

More than 1 million people download click meeting android app from Google play so far. Techradar, PCMag, Capterra and G2 give it more than 4 star rating by the expert. But user review at Google Play, Trustpilot and TrustRadius is less than 3.5.


+ Easy to use

+ 7 days free trial

+ No credit card required for trial

+ Custom branding

+ Useful tutorial and resources

+ Unlimited webinars

+ Choose package according to your demand


– Minium number of Email template

– Limitation during trail

– Limited number of participants

– No HTML, CSS customization facility

– Recording space & storage should be more where as Clickmeeting is offering additional charge for addons.


Recently WebinarJam is growing very faster. This is one of the fastest growing platform of this segment.

WebinarJam homepage described a lot about the features of their product to make a very clear image to the customers. Due to provide better service to their customer, got 8.7 start rating out of 10 at Trustradius and this is a very positive sign for a buyer.

Up to 6 presenters and 5000 attendees keep ahead this software among most of others. This company is giving more focus on sales and marketing. It’s page builder is extremely fantastic to create custom landing page or email template. And this is why WebinaJam is highly recommended for online marketers as well.


+ One of the cheapest

+ Best quality voice & audio

+ Useful panic button without losing audience

+ 30 day money back guarantee

+ 14 days free trial at $1

+ Up to 5,000 attendees

+ Up to 6 presenters

+ Unlimited webinars

+ Page builder for countdown embed code


– Free trial is not totally free

– Credit card required

– No monthly plan

– No automated webinar

– No drag & drop tool for email template and landing page design


You can Create pre-recorded webinars that look and feel live. EverWebinar and WebinarJam are basically two different product by the same company. EverWebinar is for automated/evergreen webinar where as WebinarJam is for live webinar. Both website offer same type of interface and that’s why someone may little bit confused about it. However, both are good according to your requirement. WebinarJam is comparatively popular between this two service.

Both software interface and features are almost same but there is little bit different on live and on-demand functions. Good thing is EverWebinar is offering quarterly payment per 3 month which is started from $199.


+ Create pre-recorded webinars that look and feel live

+ 30 day money back guarantee

+ Lot of email template

+ Advanced simulation tools

+ 14 days free trial at $1

+ Quarterly payment procedure


+ Free trial isn’t totally free

+ No live webinar facility

+ No monthly payment system


Bigmarker is recommended because it got 8.8/10 star review at TrustRadius. Also the expert rating at Capterra, SoftwareAdvice, G2 is more than 4.7 out of 5.

Bigmarker is very similar to ClickMeeting. Growing fast and made all the things easier for the customers.

This one is also a browser based application and that’s why no need to download anything. Respond faster and over all user experience is very good. Lot of 3rd party app integration and smart software interface made this software an exclusive product.


+ 7 days free trial

+ No credit card required for trail

+ Smart user interface

+ Easy to use

+ Custom design and lot of options for template & landing page.

+ More than 4.7 start rating in every platform


– Limited number of attendees

– Lowest package start from $79/month

– Looks too many tabs on Chat interface

Adobe Connect

Adobe web conferencing software is call Adobe Connect. Because of a child of Adobe, it was made well impression in the market from it’s beginning of it’s journey. Though the market share of Adobe connect isn’t so high in this field.

Adobe connect is one of the most advanced software of this industry. Layout of this software is slightly look like it’s brother Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Beginner users may face little bit difficulties or it’s sees little bit complex than others.

More than 30,000 peoples are using this software currently. And the good thing is, they are offering free 90-days access. TrustRadius rating is 7.5 out of 10.


+ Free 90-days access

+ Brand value

+ Flash player isn’t required

+ Meeting experience is shareable

+ More customization elements for design


– No own dial-in service

– Price comparatively high

– Can’t invite non adobe users using this platform

– Need to use different platform to manage private chat


LiveStorm is offering free coupon during COVID19 pandemic and this is really appreciated. They are offering a single host with 8 participants. Even during this time, their market share is also increased.

They have more than 4.7 star rating out of 5 in most of the 3rd party platforms. But their package distribution system is as per host. You can’t invite a guest during webinar if you don’t buy additional pack. Cost per amount of attendees is also little bit high comparing other platforms.


+ Company website and the app is nicely designed

+ Easy to use and enjoyable

+ Free membership for limited service

+ Easy integration with lot of 3rd party tools

+ No need to download


– Limited attendees

– Lack of data in analytics tools

– Package based on per host & attendees


When everyone is looking for the best webinar software, in the mean time few companies are offering a good product with affordable price, LiveWebinar is one of them. Offering free membership and other packages are comparatively cheap than any other platforms.

Get more than 4.7/5 star user rating in most of the third party sites. All necessary features also available. This browser based web app is looks traditional and easy to handle.


+ Free membership

+ Affordable price

+ 14 days free trail

+ Essential features are available

+ Toll-free & custom numbers

+ Value for money


– Look traditional where as it can be more smart

– Limited storage

– Lack of template & design tools


JetWebinar is design and developed by marketer and for the marketers. Though Jetwebinar isn’t still now popular but it has huge opportunity in this industry. This product is something very special and specially made for the marketers. You can also find lot of marketing tutorial in this platform.

They are claim, Jetwebinar is the world’s first no-delay live webinar platform. Simple, easy to handle advanced features and useful drag & drop tools made this something unique from others.


+ 30 days free trial

+ Up to 2000 live attendees

+ HTML/CSS customization if you need

+ 8+ ready made template

+ Personalized email

+ Affiliate tracking


– Price is slightly high

– Web interface isn’t looks so attracting

– Specially made for marketers


People know Getresponse as a most popular email marketing platform. But they are actually working to make more different tool for the marketers. Getresponse webinar tools is become a part of their email marketing plans and this is basically an win win situation for email marketers as well to get two professional software in the same platform by purchase a single package.

Email marketing and webinar combined package looks value for money. Though there is little bit limitation on webinar. They are offering maximum 500 attendees and even that is for custom pricing.


+ Professional email marketing and webinar software in the same plan

+ Clean and straight forward service

+ 220 email templates

+ 150 integrations

+ Fast response customer service

+ 30 days free trial

+ No credit card require to trial


– Limited attendees

– No special package for webinars only

– Lack of features


Demio is one of the most popular webinar software of this industry and peoples are usually compare it with Zoom’s webinar. They are offering a very exclusive product as well. No doubt this is a qualitative software and the 3rd party user rating is more than 4.7/5 in average.

This one is a very well designed, simple and decent software. You can directly compare it will Clickmeeting. They have well reputation in customer service and offering unlimited storage with all their packages.


+ Easy to use

+ Well designed interface

+ 30-day money-back guarantee

+ 14 days free trial

+ Unlimited Storage

+ Live, automated and on-demand webinar


+ Up to 500 attendees

+ Less variation in membership package


As a brand Zoom is the most renowned company because of providing dynamic service for web conferencing, meeting & chat, room & workspaces, phone system, Video webinar etc. They are focused on education, health, finance and government industry. So far, Zoom is the most popular name in this market. Though peoples are actually using zoom software for different purpose and not the video webinar.

Zoom is offering their package from $14.99/month only. You can make your package according to you own but in total the price can be little bit higher according to to you demand.


+ Free membership option with limited access

+ Also affordable for small teams

+ User rating is more than 4.5 out of 5 in 3rd party sites

+ Most reliable


– No free trial

– High additional cost to increase the number of host

– Not specially made for marketers

– Looks smart but the newly born companies are offering better design and user experience.


BlueJeans! Yes, this one of the renowned name in this industry. According to some media, BlueJeans is one of the highest selling webinar company of this market. Specially this name is huge popular in United States. Around 60% of their users are from USA.

Bluejeans is too much expensive for marketers. Though it’s meeting packages are cheap and start from lower price. To afford their monthly webinar plan can be so difficult to afford for every one. Big brands like Facebook, LinedIn, Zello etc is their customer.

This one is a best quality, useful and feature oriented software.


+ For meeting the price is affordable

+ One of the best product of this niche

+ Sound quality is too good

+ Connect and all other features work faster

+ Screen sharing respond quickly


+ Webinar plans cost so high

+ Limited attendees considering price


GotoWebinar is also a big fish of this industry. Specially, they are competing with Zoom. A large number of people use this software globally. Based on customer demand, they have separated their product by GotoMeeting, Gotoroom, GotoConnect, GotoTraining, grasshopper, openvoice etc. All this platforms are equally renowned.

GotoWebinar designed well, smart and user friendly. Performance of this app is just like ClickMeeting and demio. But this is not a special product for marketers. Around 2.7 million webinar hosted in this platform per year.


+ User friendly and easy to use

+ Automatic invitations and follow-up emails

+ 7 days free trail

+ No credit card required for trial

+ Video editor


– Price is high

– Lack of marketing features

– Lack of communication features with the audiences


Though easy webinar is a good product but growth in the market isn’t in expected level. During COVID19 pandemic, all software of industry grew a lot except this one. This application isn’t get better user review at Google play. 3 out of 5 is really made a question.

This online tool, looks very simple and standard. But comparatively the price is little bit high. They are offering live and automated webinar.


+ 14 days free trial

+ Up to 2000 live attendees

+ Perform well for Facebook & Youtube live

+ Simply functions and easy to use


– Price is high

– Membership start from $59/month

– 3rd party user rating is 3 out of 5


Webinar Ninja have special goodwill among online marketers. Few of professional marketers recommend this software. They are offering live, automated, hybrid and series webinar.

This is tool is specially good for marketing. You will find lot of marketing resources in their website as well. This software is looks simply but this is not so attractive in design. Though you can customize the template and landing page but the ready made designs can be more attractive.


+ Membership start at $39/month

+ 14 days free trial

+ Specially made for the marketers

+ Clean and simply user interface

+ All in one webinar platform


– Up to 1000 attendees

– No private chat option

– Run time limit of 2 hours


Crowdcast is not just selling software, they are also working for the skill development for the marketers. Crowdcast is a webinar software for everyone because it’s easy to use and advanced features are also available in this platform.

You can integrate with more than 500+ platform by using crowdcast. Over all feature and packages they have made for beginning and advance level users.


+ Package started from lower

+ 14 days free trial

+ Embed code to place event in your own website

+ Advanced analytics

+ Interface looks simple and very standard quality


– Can’t broadcast from mobile phone

– Limited speakers (4)



Webex is powered by the world most renowned networking company Cisco. And Webex is very popular and one of the leading software in this field. They are direct competitor of Zoom.

They are offering online meeting, team collaboration, online event management, cloud calling, online training management in the same platform. Webex is also targeted Education, Finance, Government and Healthcare industry.

They have more than 4 start rating in Google play.


+ Lightweight application

+ Looks good

+ Mobile, PC and browser version available

+ Easy to operate

+ Easy to connect


+ No free trial

+ Price is little bit high

+ No so interesting to use

Zoho Meeting

Zoho is a popular platform for cloud software suite and SaaS application services. Zoho meeting and webinar is just another product of this large platform. Though still Zoho Meeting isn’t so popular yet.

Zoho meeting and webinar software is offering their packages from below budget. Zoho is specially better for meeting but not for high volume attendees webinar.


+ Free membership

+ Package for small teams

+ Intuitive interface

+ Very easy to use


– Hidden cost

– Lacking on customization

– Very limited attendee (250)


Few people know about this software and they are providing service to a limited number of customers so far. However, they have a good product to sale and you can try the free trial as well. StealthSeminar is an US based software company.

Both live and automated webinar is available in this platform. Easy to customize, useful attendance tracking, video encoding, nice pools and survey, email integration etc all the features are modern. But the price should be cheap.


+ Both live and automated webinar available

+ Custom design for waiting room and registration page

+ Easy integrate with email systems, CRM and landing pages.

+ 30 days free trial and no credit card required


+ Price should be low

+ Limited number of attendees comparing price

+ Not so popular


WebinarGeek is a company from Netherlands since 2015. This software is easy to use with all necessary marketing features. They are providing customer support in English and Dutch language. This software is just corrently available in Europe.

Packages are started from lower price and that’s why it’s easy to afford for small teams. This is fully GDPR-proof with all data in Europe. They are basically focused on European market. Around 63% of their users are from Netherlands and 17% of them from Belgium.


+ 14 days free trial

+ Affordable price

+ Lot of integration options

+ All necessary features

+ Easy to use


– Only available in European countries

– Limited presenters


ezTalks is look like a clone service of zoom. Logo, color, company profile, software etc in everywhere you will find an smell of Zoom. However, they are successful as well. We do appreciate their pricing and plan.

ezTalks is offering their package very low and they have options to select almost unlimited attendees according to your demand. Offering live, automated and on-demand webinar.


+ Free membership access

+ Waiting room with agenda

+ Team member account

+ Multiple roles

+ Price start from lower


– No free trial

– Package based on per host

– Lazy customer support


More software we will be tested and provide you the actual review. Stay tuned.